Warriors - Such Tank. Wow. 

Warriors are pretty similar to standard TK Warriors. Some cool new featuresWarriors have is an early smash attack (Impale) Does weapon based damage without using vita, more proficient self heals, leap (targetable weapon based strike), and Enrage (threat modifier that makes enemies target you). Their armor looks the best, and provides the most eye candy for the effort required, kind of like Emma Watson. They are okay, but not nearly as affective as killing or bosshunting as Rogues are, and don't suck nearly as bad as Mages. 

Rogues - The Only Worthwhile Class

Rogues have a whole new style of DPS in ETK, and that translates as to "hella broken." Rogues may traditional fight with Invis and Ambush (if you're one of those button mashing retards, or you're 8) but also have the option to add poisons to their weapons. This poison can do instant damage or over time damage to there opponents. They may also throw there bladeover 8 tiles hitting all in the path. Poison and throw is dangerous. Add this with Counter attack spell and see magic happen. Finally, the Rogue path is one of sharp lyrical bullets, son.  Rogue spits hot fire.  Much invis. So poison. Amaze.   


Mages - "Reroll now." 

Mages are an "interesting" path to walk in ETK (and by "interesting," I mean god-awful). Mages are the only path with Curses, they also have damage auras, and will based zaps, but really that just overall kind of suck outside of boss hunting. Mages have a skill called Mana shield which allows them to take partial damage out of there mana. Mages also have Meditate to regenerate there mana quickly over time. 10% a second but you must stand still and be uninterrupted. (Mages do not get Sanc, Invoke, or target heals, or really anything else nice).  Their damage shields are kind of fun, but aren't scaled to match the awesome devistation of the other classes.  If you must torment yourself in ETK, consider trying a mage. 

Poets - "Because they're necessary."

Poets are the healers of the game. They fill the red and blue bars, which is a necessary role in this kind of game. Poets are the only path with targetable heals and Sanc, and for that, they claim to be needed, although everyone can really heal themselves fairly effectively. For solo purposes (why, god?) Poets have animal forms to do some serious damage and vita attacks, this is awesome to sub with as a Warrior, but otherwise poets are pretty aite. In the animal form your spell list entirely changes, but it reverts to normal when you exit beast form,.  But you still retain the spirit of the mighty beast within you for withdraw at a later time.  Poets do not get any form of Curses, except the ones that they frequently sage because, you know, screw filters.  They also spit hot fire.