Basic Information Edit

Gronk is the Blacksmith in Guri. His functions include buying and selling armor for Warriors and weapons for Poets, Mages and Warriors. He can also repair items and teach the Crafting skill. Gronk also has an unlimited supply of basic pickaxes and axes.

His shop also serves as the training ground for Smithing.

Armor SoldEdit

Armor Name Level Required Cost
Novice Platemail Warrior level 5 25 coins
Guri Platemail Warrior level 15 1,000 coins
Stout Platemail Warrior level 25 4,500 coins
Blessed Platemail Warrior level 35 9,000 coins

Weapons Sold Edit

Weapon Name Level Required Cost
Dull Blade Peasant level 5 500 coins
Dull Sabre Peasant level 15 1,750 coins
Double Axe Warrior level 1 50 coins
Steel Cutlass Warrior level 25 4,000 coins
Forged Sabre Warrior level 35 8,000 coins
Tempered Crystal Blade Rogue level 25 4,000 coins
Molten Scimitar Rogue level 35 8,000 coins
Leather Whip Poet level 25 4,000 coins
Bloodfang Poet level 35 8,000 coins
Jade Wand Mage level 25 4,000 coins
Emberstone Wand Mage level 35 8,000 coins

Tools Sold Edit

Tool Name Cost
Pickaxe 250 coins
Axe 250 coins