Basic Information Edit

Rayl and Tracy are the shopkeepers at the Guri seamstress shop. Rayl sells robes for Poets and vestments for Mages. Tracy sells cigarettes and Clove pipes, as well as beginner weapons for Mages and Poets.

Tracy also buys various monster drops, making her a very popular vendor.

Also of note, the Guri Tailor serves as the location used in the training of the Carpentry skill.

Rayl Edit

Armor Name Level Obtained Cost
Novice robes Peasant level 0 10 coins
Guri robes Poet level 15 1,000 coins
Stout robes Poet level 25 4,500 coins
Blessed robes Poet level 35 9,000 coins
Novice vestments Peasant level 0 10 coins
Guri vestments Mage level 15 1,000 coins
Stout vestments Mage level 25 4,500 coins
Blessed vestments Mage level 35 9,000 coins

Tracy Edit

Weapons Sold Edit

Weapon Name Level Obtained Cost
Short Staff Mage level 0 100 coins
Blessed Scroll Poet level 0 100 coins

Mana Restoration Items Sold Edit

Item Name Mana Per Use Uses Cost
Cigarette 75 10 25 coins
Cigarette pack N/A 20 Cigarettes 500
Cigarette carton N/A 10 packs 5,000 coins
Clove pipe 100 100 250

Known Bought Items Edit

Item Name Money Received (Per Unit)
Bee's wing 150 coins
Bee's pollen 1,250 coins
Owl egg 150 coins
Golden egg 2,000 coins
Rose 200 coins
Violet 250 coins
Allium 2,500 coins